PNWCC G25 - Apr 11 - Free to play Sold Out!

Organized By Pacific Northwest Chess Center | Sunday, April 11, 2021 09:00 Pacific Daylight Time | Event state: Completed

Event Info
Organizer : Pacific Northwest Chess Center
Flyer Link :
Google Calendar Link : Click here for the event calendar
Live Game Link :
Pairing & Results Link :
Event Address :, Online, WA, USA, 98034
Prize Fund : $70
Status : Completed
Event Type : Open
Rating Type :
Use Max(OTB,Online) Rating 4 Pairing :
Time Control : Dual [G/25;+5]
Pairing Rule : Swiss
Rounds : 4 [Each sections may have different number of rounds]
Half-point Byes Available : 0 [Each sections may have different number of half-point byes]
Norm Event :
Require Check In :
Charity Event :
Total Seats : 40
Event Time Zone : Pacific Daylight Time
Dates : Sunday, April 11, 2021 9:00 AM ~ Sunday, April 11, 2021 1:00 PM
Schedule Info : 9:00-13:00 PDT/Seattle Time
Registration : Register by Sunday, April 11, 2021 6:00 AM
Entry Fee : Due on registration
USCF Membership : Must not expire before event ends
Member Discount :
Membership Type Discount
PNWCC 6-month Membership (Bronze) 10%
Fair Play Rules : By registering for a PNWCC chess event, players agree to follow the fair play agreement terms in accordance with maintaining the highest possible standards of ethics and fair play during my online chess games.
  • I promise to not use a cell phone, chess engine, or seek any kind of outside assistance during my games.
  • I promise to follow the enhanced fair play rules in PNWCC online tournament.
    • I will use the program ZOOM in order to be monitored via webcam when required.
    • I understand that my games may be checked by or’s Fair Play team for signs of fair play violations.
    • The games of all prize winners will be certified by PNWCC's Fair Play Committee
    • PNWCC has the sole right to interpret the results of the online tournament games.
    • If my online account(s) get closed due to fair-play violations, I will have to return all the prize money I earned from PNWCC events, regardless if I violated the fair-play rules in the PNWCC events or not. If I do not return the prize money, PNWCC can publicly announce that my account gets closed for fair-play violation.
Players who break the agreement will face forfeiture of their games, expulsion from the tournament, and sanctions by PNWCC
Description :
  1. A 4-round Swiss tournament on with time control: G/25;+5.
  2. Event is both and USCF online rated. rating is used to pair.
  3. Free to play.
  4. Prize: $40 - $20 - $10.
  5. Join club and tournament to play.
    • Please join club: PNWCC Free.
    • Must use the registered account to join the club.
    • The tournament link:
    • In the tournament day, please open the tournament link and click the "Join" button at 8:30 AM PDT. Then, come back at 9:00 AM to play.
  6. Tip
    • Must join Round 1 to play.
    • No bye in this tournament.
    • You may quit at R2-R4, but can not join again.
    • The tournament is managed by server. The game is started automatically.
    • When a round finishes, the next round will start immediately and automatically. Thus, do not leave your computer for a long time after you game.
    • It is strongly suggested to monitor the on-going games when you are waiting for the next round. However, during your game, please do not check other games.
  7. PNWCC Fair Play Agreement and Rules.
    • Must join ZOOM meeting (register and sign-in to see the link) with full name in English.
    • Must use a angled camera to cover player and all computer screens.
    • Must share the full screen (not just share the web browser).
    • Must turn on Zoom audio.
  8. The games will be submitted to for fair play checking. After checking is done, prizes will be sent out.
  9. Check in phrase: I have read the flyer and know R1 will start at 9:00 AM Seattle time. I will join the tournament in time. I will join ZOOM with angled camera, microphone on and shared screen. I will play fairly.

Zoom and Skype Links
Only registered & paid players can see the links. Please Login or Register to see the ZOOM and Skype Info

Sections and Entry Fees
Name Details
4 Rounds | 0 Byes | RapidAndClassical Time Control | Rated | Swiss Pairing | 40 Seats
$40 - $20 - $10
Entry Fees (USD)
$0.00 [ ]